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PTFE O-Rings


Since the development of PTFE in the 1930's it has become a stable in industry for chemical and high heat applications (below 500 F). PTFE was first discovered by a Dupont engineer and was trademarked with a name associated with non-stick pans. Today, PTFE O-Rings are used in a wide range of FDA, NSF,Chemical, Aerospace, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other industries that require a clean, compatible seal.
Because PTFE O-Rings are basically a plastic o-ring, they perform differently from Elastomeric o-rings. The lack of stretching, and recovery must be considered when designing for PTFE. In some applications an encapsulated FEP o-ring may be a better solution then a PTFE O-Ring, due to it's better recovery rate.

Regardless of what style of PTFE O-ring you require, American Seal & Packing can help you find the best option for your o-ring requirments
PTFE O-Ring Installations
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Proper Installation or a PTFE o-ring can differ from an rubber o-ring. Warming up PTFE makes it more possible to stretch over a lip and into a groove.
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As an o-ring supplier since 1989, we have the experiance, and the sources to provide quality PTFE O-Rings at competitive prices.
Not sure if PTFE will work in your o-ring application ? Call our engineering support for help and recommendations.
American Seal & Packing provides a wide range of Fluid Sealing products. If an O-ring is the wrong seal for the job, we can custom machine PTFE to the shape you need.
PTFE O-Rings